The Strengths Model

Your journey to the career of your dreams begins with our complimentary introductory session.

If you feel comfortable spending some more time together, you will complete a scientifically validated set of strengths surveys prior to your first of six 75 minute coaching sessions.

During the first full session, we will discuss the results of the survey and begin to formulate strategies to help you optimize your effectiveness as a professional and a leader.

Through this assessment, we will focus on the attributes which, when exercised and cultivated in balance are empirically proven not only to improve overall happiness and professional satisfaction but also to dramatically increase overall performance. Those attributes are Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence. When used effectively, this unique constellation of virtues allows you to not only maximize your own professional potential but to elicit the potential of others, driving your effectiveness as both a professional and a leader of professionals.

The survey will help you and me to identify your strongest attributes among the six virtues—that unique constellation of talents, aptitudes, and interests that only you can offer. We will also identify secondary strengths—those skills which may not yet be as well developed as your primary strengths but which can still offer significant advantages to your professional performance, and which may easily be cultivated into primary strengths of their own.

We will also use the assessment to identify aptitudes and skills which are under or over-utilized in your work, as well as the particular areas of weakness which may be inhibiting you from reaching your full potential. This process is crucial because studies increasingly are demonstrating that one of the most significant deterrents of performance in the workplace is a lack of balance in the exercise of the virtues–an excess of the justice attribute, for example, or an underuse of courage. We can help you to identify those virtues which you may deploying to negative effect in your leadership, as well as those attributes which you may need to hone and strengthen to achieve balance and maximize your effectiveness as a professional and a leader.

At this point, you may be wondering how we are able to develop such a comprehensive, accurate, and effective leadership profile so quickly? Again, we return to the power of evidence-based practice. We use cutting-edge techniques, tested and approved through rigorous scientific research, to ensure that our clients enjoy only the most effective and efficient coaching strategies. Thus, we use highly sensitive personality assessment instruments, such as the MLQ-360 questionnaire to determine your personal leadership style, the VIA-120 to identify your unique character strengths,  and the VIA-OUOU to assess how you utilize the three leadership virtues and identify areas of imbalance.

Taken together, these insights will enable us to develop a comprehensive, evidence-based professional profile which we can use to tailor your executive coaching regime to your unique needs and goals. Our ultimate aim is to equip you with the most, the best, and the most relevant tools you need to live your dream career and to bring your organization to the next level.

We are passionate about this work not only because we have experienced the remarkable difference executive coaching has made in our own careers but also because we have seen the transformation, time and again, in our own clients. And what we have seen in our lives and our work has been borne out repeatedly through scientific research. According to a landmark study by Vernita Parker-Wilkins, of Booz Allen Hamilton, evidence-based executive coaching yields on average a 700% ROI and can be attributed to more than $3.2 million in total monetary benefits for the organizations under study. The bottom line, according to current research, is that the dramatic improvements in the areas of teamwork, retention, employee satisfaction, and performance quality produce on average at least $500,000 in annual revenue increases for SME enterprises.